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Business Counselling

Business counselling is mainly conducted to aspire potential entrepreneurs to start their ventures. It aims to strengthen their weakness, identify talent and give them the confidence to choose their business activity. It also establishes business ventures by seeking information and guiding them to manage their ba business effectively and efficiently.

Business Counselling is done by a certified Business Counsellor, Sector Specialist and Technical Consultant by providing professional training and counseling.

Motives of Business Counselling
  • Business Ideas related to skills, interest, knowledge, experience and finance.
  • Expansion opportunities to grow.
  • Innovative Ideas and Development of a venture.
  • Connects for Business.
  • Sector-Specific Counselling and Group Counselling sessions.
AURA- Awake Unlimited Resources Access

Perfect accessibility to video-conferencing, counseling, from different districts through the Awake Bangalore office.

Entrepreneurship Awareness Program

Entrepreneurship Awareness Program creates awareness about entrepreneurship among women and youth for the development of personal and economic development. It’s a one day workshop conducted in both urban as well as rural areas.


The Main Aim of EAP
  1. Development of socio-economic independence of women.
  2. Exchange of knowledge and experience with all other participants for the overall development of the enterprise.
  3. Exploration news ideas, schemes and incentives offered by various organisations and agencies help in the Business Development of an organisation.
  4. Training and other services offered by Awake.

Entrepreneurship Development Programme

A program for the overall growth of business abilities among the participants. It involves incubation development and improvising entrepreneurial skills of his/ her business. This concept involves equipping a person with skills and knowledge for starting and running a business.

The Main Aim of EDP

  1. EDP is conducted for women to grow interested and to acquire knowledge to know how to start a business in both rural and urban areas.
  2. Entrepreneurship training is imparted through a structured module which helps the participants to gain self-confidence and motivation to start an enterprise.
  3. New methodology includes lecture sessions, group discussions and specifications on few topics like location, interiors of a venture, case studies to obtain knowledge.

AWAKE also organizes need-based EDP in association with other developmental and donor agencies. The duration of the training varies from ten days to six weeks depending needs of the trainees and the donor agencies.

The follow-up sessions for EDP trainees are conducted up to two years after the training to ensure that the budding entrepreneurs get all the support required to establish their enterprise.

Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programs

Entrepreneurship Skill Development Program are for various sectors like food processing, handicrafts, tailoring, embroidery, garments, artificial jewelry, trading, eco-friendly products, candle making, chemical products, mushroom cultivation, herbal products, catering, motor coil winding housekeeping, beautician training etc.

This program gives essential information related to raw materials, product processing, development and designs, marketing of the product, packaging and quality control.

It is conducted for both urban and rural women and youth, considering the business opportunities and market trends of the environment.

This program combines Entrepreneurship Development Programs with Skill Development Programs to ensure the delivery of comprehensive training for prospective entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Regular follow-ups are conducted to assess the additional training needs of the participants.

Trainers Training Program
Development / NGO Sensitization Programs

The training field can change fast, which makes training for trainers crucial. New methodologies. New discoveries about the way adults learn. Changing expectations from trainees—and from your company. Training the trainer courses give you the practical platform skills and confidence you need to succeed.This powerful seminar puts the latest trends and techniques at your fingertips. Whether you’ve been training for a while or never stepped onto a platform before, this training for trainers workshop will show you how to become a facilitator of learning, not just a presenter. You’ll build confidence, engage your audience from the beginning and leave your trainees praising your training abilities.

The Training offers a pragmatic, evidence-based approach for justifying results and proving success while serving individuals, your organization, and society.

Workplace learning professionals are always looking for the best solutiontried-and-true activities, ones that work every time, ones that always lead participants to gain deeper insight into their leadership capabilities and potential. The Training and the Tested Activities gives you just what you're looking for: well-crafted games and activities that have been put to the test in real situations and has proven effective.

Awake's Incubation Center For Food Processing

The most unique and highly flexible business process, infrastructure and people to figure new and small ventures in every stage of growth and establishment –Incubation Centre.

Since Awake realized many women wanted to start a business in the food processing industry. It established the first food processing at Bangalore in Asia in 1992. This set-up was with the Small Industrial Development Bank Of India (SIDB) with space provided by the government of Karnataka at the industrial estate, Rajajinagar Bangalore and technical facilities for plant and machinery by USAID and Centre for Technology Development(CTD).The Food Incubator consist of full-fledged production facilities with necessary licenses (FPO), clean, hygienic and scientifically designed premises, equipped with facilities for food processing, packaging and labelling.

Women entrepreneurs can also utilize all the facilities with present equipment like Fruit juicer, Pulper, Inverter, Direr, Pulverize, Mixer, Grinder, Baking machine, Bottle and plastic sealing machine, cold storage, vacuum sealing.

Ananya - Food Incubator At Bijapur

Ananya – The food incubation center at Karnataka State Women University(KSWU)Toravi Campus, Bijapur with the support of Karnataka Science and Technology Academy (KSTA) and KSWU to facilitate new entrepreneurs in the food industry. Any entrepreneur could use this opportunity at a nominal cost for the commercial purposes of their food products.  The incubator center provided facilities like dry grapes, papads, dough kneading, vermicelli or noodle extruder, rolling, chili pounding, citrus juice extraction, pomegranate deseeding, mincing, Pulper and finisher, pulverize, peeling machine, a mini flour mill,  weighing machines and sealing machines too.

AWAKE's Marketing & Exhibition

A unique platform for all enthusiastic entrepreneurs in association with various governments and none government agencies for marketing their products and build networks.

Ways to Explore in Awake Networks

  • Participate in National and International Trade Fairs.
  • Buyer Seller meets with the latest market trend.
  • Exhibition at all regional, national and international platforms either sector-wise or product shows.
  • Regular meeting with B2B, exporter, corporate houses, traders and other members for links with prospective buyers.
  • Virtual Trade Mission through Match Making Process.
  • Promotional activities like publicity and campaigning through print and audio audiovisual to support members for this product.
  • New ways for creating Product Catalogue and Advertisement space to facilitate sales promotion.

Program For Incubating, Innovation And Investing

“Hard work never brings Fatigue but it brings Satisfaction “  - PM Modi.  To get the best result and success Awake is always taken initiatives for every woman to grow and flourish in their organizations. It has implemented a bilateral cooperation project “Innovation Facilities Cell “ with Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit(GIZ). The main purpose of this project is to strengthen the functioning of BMO women for the growth and sustenance of their business.

Management Development Programs

Management Development Program enhance entrepreneur’s skills and technology up gradation in order to support growth and sustenance of their enterprise.
Management programs and workshops on various topics such as Finance, Tax Planning, Computer skills, Information Technology Packaging, Marketing, Quality, Import/Export, Communication skills and Human Resource Management are conducted.
Sector MDPs are also conducted. Business Savvy series for women members, Business Management Skills, Access to Finance for Women Entrepreneurs, Finance for Non-finance Entrepreneurs, Complacency to Competence, Export Management workshop, Opportunities in Textile Industry, Design to win are few workshops.


Membership Services Program: Started in 1983 with 7 members AWAKE has more than 1200 members who are practicing entrepreneurs. The Membership committee supports the needs of these members.
  1. Members meet organised 3rd Tuesday of every month at AWAKE
  2. Annual awards - theme based, in appreciation of the spirit of enterprise, given to women entrepreneurs each year on AWAKE's Anniversary
  3. State Conference with seminar, workshop and exhibition held once in four years, for women to update and discuss relevant issues and policies
  4. Net working with National and International agencies, NGOs and like minded institutions for furthering the interests of members and to actively participate in policy advocacy
  5. Regular interactions between members for fellowship a to create a platform for exchange of ideas and Business information
  6. Conducts competitions in Cookery, Music, Flower Arrangement etc. for members and their family • Support participation of members in international seminars and trade delegations
Research and Resource Centre:

RRC is the backbone supporting documentation of all the various activities of AWAKE. Has a computerized Data Bank containing technologies, information on business startups, project profiles, reports etc. 

  1. Publishes AWAKEs monthly newsletter - Awakener - Voice of AWAKE
  2. Research studies and Data collection and analysis were undertaken for various organizations such as ILO, FES, DIC, Ministry of Food. Ministry for Rural Development, GOI, HIVOS, NABARD, ADB, SIDBI, KROSS etc.
  3. Brought out the first business directory of women entrepreneurs - CD and print version, which includes members profiles, a profile of AWAKE, government policies and organizations supporting entrepreneurship development
  4. Published many books - Kannada translation of Trainer's Training Manual (Neravigara Kaipidi) - WTO - a brief guideline to WTO for small businesses. (Sanna Udyamigaligagi Vishwa-vyapara Samstheya Kaipidi), Policy practice gap, Business Incubator manual, Scaling New Heights - the Millenium women Et Diganthadatta Dapugalu - case studies of successful women entrepreneurs, detailed two district study of Handloom and Handicraft sector of Bellary and Chitradurga, a technical feasibility study on micro-enterprises in 10 districts of Karnataka, to identify the opportunities in enterprises etc.
  5. introduces new concepts and conducts by way of programs to support policy changes, introducing entrepreneurs to new tools for the growth of industry
  6. Fully equipped documentation facilities
  7. Has established the Sub Contract Exchange supported by Ministry of SSI, Government of India
Credit Referral:
  1. AWAKES rote in Micro Credit is need-based training, Bank linkage, for Micro Finance Institutions and interim Guarantee funds
  2. AWAKE is a member of Sa-Dhan, which is an organization whose -members are Micro Finance Institutions, training organizations and individual members
  3. Women entrepreneurs whose income level is less than Rs. 25,000 per annum can approach AWAKE for credit referral services
  4. Contributing to the global objective of reaching out to 100 million poor families by 2005
  5. Supports in capacity building of SHGs and their income generation activities through Training