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What support does AWAKE provide me to start a business?

AWAKE’s Business Counsellors conduct one-on-one business counselling on every Thursdays between 2 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. During the counselling session, the counsellor helps you to explore your strengths and choose a business field based on your skills, interests and financial capability.

AWAKE helps you in gathering the information you will need to start your chosen line of business, to identify the marketing avenues and support you to network with related business. Marketing exposure is provided through national and international exhibitions, trade fairs, B2B etc.

The training and mentoring provided to start-up entrepreneurs help in enhancing their knowledge, competency and confidence.

What are the trainings provided by AWAKE for an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship Development Program and Skill Development Programs for start-up entrepreneurs.

Workshops, seminars, Management Development Programs, advanced Skill Development Programs related to various fields are conducted for established entrepreneurs.

Where can I get the information about the programs/training/events /exhibitions conducted by AWAKE?

The event details will be available in

Calendar of Events in the home page of our website
Voice of AWAKENER – our monthly newsletter
Send an enquiry
Contact AWAKE’s office ( personally/call/email)
Members of AWAKE are informed about the events through SMS

Does AWAKE market my products?

AWAKE does not market your products. But, AWAKE supports the marketing of your products by helping you in Establishing business contacts, marketing linkages and networking Organizing B2B meetings and exhibitions Facilitate participation of members in exhibitions conducted by other agencies (Local/National/International Exhibitions and Trade Fairs)

Does AWAKE provide financial support for my business?

AWAKE does not provide financial support to entrepreneurs. It acts as a credit referral agency for its members seeking Micro Credit or loans for their enterprises through various government schemes, bank or financial institution linkages.

What is the process to utilize the Common Facility Centre (Food Incubator) of AWAKE?

For short-term usage, on payment of a nominal fee, you can book the required machines in the incubator and use them. For long-term usage of the incubator, an MOU needs to be signed with AWAKE.