Business Counseling

is conducted for potential entrepreneur aspiring to start her own business enterprise. Counseling helps the prospective entrepreneurs to introspect their strengths and weaknesses, identify their talents and gives them the confidence to choose their line of business activity.Counseling is also conducted for established entrepreneurs seeking information and guidance for managing their enterprise efficiently/enhancing their business.

Counseling is conducted by Certified Business Counselors voluntarily, who are themselves established women entrepreneurs and are equipped with training in professional counseling and also by a team of sector specific specialist and technical consultants.

Business counselors provide guidance and information related to
  • Business ideas considering the skill, interest, knowledge, experience and financial capacity of the counselee
  • Opportunities available in a specific field of business
  • Innovative ideas and converting them into business
  • Growth opportunities in existing business
  • Information on access to finance opportunities
  • Product/Service promotion and marketing
  • Job orders and business linkages
Counseling sessions are conducted on every Thursday from 2 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. at the Business Counseling Centers of AWAKE at Bangalore and other districts of Karnataka. Idea Generation Labs are conducted periodically; these brain storming sessions help counselees to discover new business opportunities.

  • Sector-specific counseling sessions are arranged on special days with prior information.
  • Request-based special business counseling sessions are arranged in colleges to encourage students to venture into entrepreneurship.
  • Group counseling sessions are conducted for women Self Help Groups and others.
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AURA – AWAKE’s Unlimited Resource Access

The video conferencing facility helps the counselees from different districts to get counseled by experts, facilitated through AWAKE’s Bangalore Office.

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