President's Message

This month may not really be an alliteration, erratic monsoon showers brought with it some things to ponder, grief and some Happiness, We lost one of our Great Leaders, former President of India, Nuclear Scientist, Thinker, Teacher, Missile Man Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam and the entire nation went into mourning. We Awakeners mourn his death and deeply regret his sad demise. He has inspired us with great teachings along with his simplicity Our 69th Independence day was celebrated on August 15th, 2015, the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi who addressed the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort was very focused on his vision for India and the areas his Government is spending energies, in making India attractive to Global Investors and nurturing Entrepreneurs within. In his speech he did not forget to make a mention of his favorite initiative Make in India & Swatch Bharath and the next steps.

We are aware that while the prices of essential food and commodities reached some all time highs there were other reasons to look at positive changes in our economy. Despite the economic slowdown in Europe that has a Greek connection and political turmoil in several Gulf States, and a fluctuating dollar India has seen a steady industry growth that held at 4.2%. Expansion in manufacturing, capital goods and consumer durable segments signaling that the key sector may be on a path to revival.

With all these encouraging signs, does the Made in India years ago turn into Make in India literally and foster growth and create increasing opportunities other than the IT sector. We surely seem to be heading in that direction. This is the vision that the Prime Minister is urging the Nation to focus on while our neighbours are busy devaluing their currency.

When I recall the phrase from the PMs Speech, encouraging entrepreneurs within our country, it is a matter of pride that the city of Bangalore boasts of being on top of the chart in the country startup entrepreneurship at 28%. For Awake it is a matter of responsibility to help this city and state sustain its position in all possible ways within its capacity. AWAKE being the constructive sort is planning to conduct road shows in Tumakuru and Shivamogga (2 promising cities) to showcase Policies of The Government of Karnataka covering Eco Friendliness, various schemes and opportunities, land availability, within the state to attract new investors, retain existing ones.

The dash for supremacy of economic power is getting speedier. This is an awakening call and in sport there is this famous quote where you miss half an inch and you lost the path to fame. We have taken sincere efforts to continuously stay focused on entrepreneurship development and small & medium business units supporting them in various aspects of business development. Entrepreneurship Development Program, Skill Training on MOBILE PHONE REPAIRS AND SERVICE, CATERING, MASALA POWDERS are few of the training programs conducted at Awake during the last couple of months. These programs were well attended and received by aspiring entrepreneurs, with fuel costs plummeting somewhat travel and tourism also eco tourism, waste management, education sector, renewable energy with its never ending demand seems to become an evergreen sector.

Awake had organized Varamahalakshmi Mela providing a platform to entrepreneurs, existing and new to showcase their products and expand and explore business opportunities and network.

Speaking of resolutions, do you have one? I for one have this, continuously working in my mind that I bring into action, to introduce as many entrepreneurs, business ideas and their products or services to the forefront and make it increasingly sustainable. I intend to move to the next level and provide support and assistance to anyone coming forward to take that bold step forward.

I sincerely urge all the members to actively participate in monthly members meet to share and foster new business ideas, support and improve networking. Wishing all AWAKENERS a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi, May Lord Ganesha showers you with success in all your Endeavors!!!!

- Jyothi BalaKrishna., President.