Policies & Regulations

Why join AWAKE?
As a unique global network of NGOs, AWAKE offers the following to its members:

  • Opportunities to network, connect and exchange within a very diverse global NGO membership – including international, regional and national NGOs, as well as other humanitarian stakeholders
  • A collective and amplified voice to engage directly on humanitarian issues – through AWAKE’s associates/ bodies, and long-standing working relationships with other agencies
  • Regional representatives – able to link field-level humanitarian practice to global policy-making bodies Bangalore
  • Information and analysis for the membership – on partnership, practice and policy, and on key themes affecting operational developments in the humanitarian domain.
Membership criteria
  • The AWAKE Statutes outline the types of organisations eligible for AWAKE membership as follows:
  • International voluntary agencies or non-governmental organisations (NGOs), that is, organisations that operate outside their country of origin. This category also includes families or federations of NGOs that share a common name, but that have chapters or operations in different countries;
  • A national NGO will not normally be admitted to AWAKE if it is already affiliated to an organisation, consortium, network, or group that holds or is applying for AWAKE membership. However, AWAKE will consider, at its discretion, applications for membership from:
  • National NGOs that have demonstrated a commitment to translating their work to the international level;
  • National NGOs with country, regional, or other expertise on which AWAKE may draw; and/or
  • NGOs based in countries that have no national consortium, network, or group of NGOs.
  • The criteria for AWAKE membership are further defined by the AWAKE By-Law on Eligibility for Membership.
Commitments by Members
  • New members are asked for a commitment to participate in AWAKE’s activities as outlined in the AWAKE 2015-2018 Strategy.
  • In addition, the AWAKE membership aims to be a network of NGOs that is recognised for the quality and accountability of their work and members are encouraged to demonstrate, in all relevant situations, a commitment to:
  • Humanitarian principles, including the Code of Conduct
  • Collaboration with other NGOs and/or partner agencies, in line with the Principles of Partnership.
  • Prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse as guided by the Statement of Commitment on Eliminating Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by any Personnel.
  • Quality and accountability in humanitarian action, including use of the Sphere Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response.
Observer status
A voluntary agency that wishes to participate in the AWAKE network but which, because of constitutional constraints or reasons of principle, cannot be associated with the views and/or positions adopted by AWAKE, may apply for Observer status.
Affiliate Membership
The AWAKE Affiliate membership category is for academic and research institutes and provides a means to make better links between their work and the work of AWAKE members. AWAKE Affiliates receive full access to the AWAKE website and documents, meetings, and participation at General Assemblies, however, they do not have the right to vote or hold office.

For more information about membership and to apply please contact us