Business incubation is a unique and highly flexible combination of business development processes, infrastructure and people designed to nurture new and small businesses by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult and vulnerable early stages of development.


Food Processing at Bangalore

Since its inception AWAKE realized that a significant number of women wanted to start enterprises in Food processing. However, lack of infrastructure and uncertain market acted as strong deterrents. To encourage the women interested in Food processing AWAKE established a Business Incubator for food processing at Bangalore, the first of its kind in Asia, in 1992.

The incubator was set up with financial assistance from Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) with a space provided by Government of Karnataka at the Industrial estate, Rajajinagar, Bangalore and technology facilitation for plant and machinery by USAID and Centre for Technology Development (CTD).
AWAKE's food incubator consists of a full fledged production facility with necessary licenses (FPO), clean, hygienic and scientifically designed premises, equipped with facilities for food processing, packaging and labeling, in addition to with technical assistance whenever necessary by entrepreneurs.
The facility enables start-up women entrepreneurs to produce fruits, vegetables and cereal based products, spice and spice blends, dried and fried snacks and bakery products.

Women entrepreneurs can utilize this facility to manufacture their products by paying nominal fees and can market their products under their own brand names. The business incubator facility has helped many women entrepreneurs to acquire sufficient confidence and a market niche, enabling them to setup their own facility.

The present equipments available in the Business Incubator are Fruit juicer, Pulper, Inverter, Drirer, Pulverizer, Mixer, Grinder, Baking machine, Bottle and plastic sealing machine, cold storage, vaccum sealing. The incubator is upgraded by adding more machineries and quality control equipments as and when needed.

The incubator has facilities for learning as well as conducting Basic Analytical tests as per quality guidelines specified for respective products.

Ananya - Food Incubator at Bijapur

In 2009, AWAKE set up ‘Ananya’ - the Food Incubation centre at Karnataka State Women’s University (KSWU), Toravi Campus, Bijapur with the support of Karnataka Science and Technology Academy (KSTA) and KSWU.

The facility supports entrepreneurs and SHG members from Bijapur and surrounding areas wanting to take up entrepreneurship ventures in food industry. Any potential/ existing entrepreneurs can use the facility at a nominal cost for commercial production of their food products.

The incubator houses facilities for processing of dry grapes, papads, dough kneading, vermicelli or noodle extruder, rolling , chilli pounding, citrus juice extraction, pomegranate deseeding, mincing, pulper and finisher, pulverizer, peeling machine and a mini flour mill. It also consists of weighing machines and sealing machines.
The incubator is used by women entrepreneurs and also for conducting hands-on training in food processing for prospective entrepreneurs.


AWAKE's Research Institute for Skills and Entrepreneurship (ARISE) with State of Art Facility will help in fostering innovation-driven entrepreneurship through training, incubation, new technology initiatives & Interventions, research, micro credit Referral, and dissemination of knowledge and much more and will be an Pan India & Global Initiative of AWAKE.

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