• AWAKE celebrated the decade of dedicated services to entrepreneurship. A mega event was organized in AWAKE’s premises at Rajajinagar. AWAKE honored some of its members and friends from the network who had contributed to the growth of AWAKE.
  • A National workshop on Transfer of Productive Technology and Encouragement of entrepreneurship among rural women was organized under the sponsorship of UN APCTT. A tech book, the Facilitator’s Handbook and the Resource Book were brought out A regional workshop on Women in Business was hosted by AWAKE, organized by EDII and sponsored by UNIFEM
  • AWAKE participated in International Women Entrepreneur’s Conference organized by NAYE Global Conference at Mexico Matchmaker program of CBI, Netherlands
  • Two major studies – ‘Capacity Utilization’ and ‘Working Capital needs of Small Scale Food Industry’ was conducted with the grant from Ministry of Processed Food.
  • AWAKE co-hosted the Asian Regional Conference in Bangalore, along with FWWB, Ahmedabad. 10 countries participated in the conference.
  • AWAKE released ‘Neravigara Kaipidi’, a facilitators hand book in Kannada
  • An ILO sponsored Trainers Training Program was conducted in Bangalore.


  • AWAKE conducted the first Enterprise Learning Network (ELN) program under the aegis of WWB. This helped building linkages and network in garment industries.
  • AWAKE started working with like-minded NGOs like RUDSETII, YVK, BIRDS, SEEDA and MYRADA


  • AWAKE extended its activities to the rural sector with the Rural Industrialization Program (RIP) with the support from Department of Industries and Commerce (DIC), Government of Karnataka and Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI).
  • Delegates from WWB, Japan, visited AWAKE. 16 participants from AWAKE had an opportunity to showcase their products and interact with buyers from Japan.
  • Ms. Lisette Reek, Mr. Roger, Mr. Kalkhoven, Mr. Troost from Netherlands came as first International student interns to AWAKE.


  • Business Incubator was upgraded with addition of new machineries for encouraging the usage of food processing facility.
  • SIDA and LEVIS supported the Business Counseling and Management Development Programs for members to diversify and find new business opportunities. MDP under Business-Savvy series launched.
  • AWAKE worked with Bhoruka Charities at Yadgir and Sahapur in Gulbarga District for below poverty women
  • AWAKE participated in 5th ELN Workshop at Maine Demand Driven Orientation Workshop organized by TOOL in Netherlands
  • International Trade Fair at Colombo, Sri Lanka CIPE Conference in USA
  • Ms. Carine, student from Netherlands visited AWAE to do a study on the Business Incubator for food processing
  • Studies were conducted in Handicrafts and Handloom Sectors in 4 districts of Karnataka under the sponsorship of KSWDC.


  • The third State Conference of Women Entrepreneurs was held in Bangalore, with the theme ‘Tradition to Technology’. 700 people from all over the state and different parts of the country participated in the conference. Ms. Nancy Barry, President of WWB, gave the key note address.
  • WWB visited Bijapur and met clients from RIP Program
  • The first print version and CD of the Directory of Women Entrepreneurs was released.
  • AWAKE co-hosted the Global Conference organized by WWB at Ahmedabad. The then President of India Sri K.R. Narayan inaugurated the conference. More than 250 people participated in the conference.
  • AWAKE is one of the founder members of SADHAN Micro Credit Association of India launched in November at Ahmadabad.
  • AWAKE was recognized and invited as members on the boards of SSI, KCTU and SIDBI


  • Quick Evaluation Study of Ministry of Rural Development was taken up for the districts of Dharwad and Gulbarga.
  • The book ‘Scaling up New Heights – Millennium Women’ sponsored by Asia Development Bank (ADB) was released at Manila during Asia Regional Conference.
  • AWAKE attended Micro Credit Summit at Washington, USA.


  • AWAKE received prestigious international AGFUND award (Arab Gulf Program for United Nations Development Organization). The prize was awarded for entrepreneurship promotion among rural women, implemented in India.
  • Swabhimana, a counseling centre was set up in Jayanagar, Bangalore. A workshop on IT related business ideas was conducted by Swabhimana
  • Swashakthi was launched for rural women development and empowerment
  • First seminar on e-commerce conducted.


  • The Rural Industrialization Program (RIP) was launched in Shimoga and re-launched in Bijapur.
  • AWAKE conducted a one day training program on WTO – Challenges and Opportunities. The Kannada translation of ‘WTO – Its Challenges and Opportunities’ was released.
  • The first Virtual Trade Mission between India and USA was conducted with the support of the Trade Builders Inc, USA, for entrepreneurs in IT products and services.
  • The regional workshop Commonwealth Business Women leaders Network was held in Bangalore.
  • ZOPP training program was conducted by ZDH for the Executive Committee members of AWAKE.
  • Ms. Shisho Sakagouhi, intern from Osaka, Japan was at AWAKE to study women entrepreneurship.


  • An Asia Pacific Convention of ‘Entrepreneurial women – Expanding business horizons for exponential growth’ was organized by AWAKE at Bangalore.
  • KAWAD – training in non-land based intervention in Chinnagiri watershed area, Molkalmur taluk was started and 533 SHG members trained
  • AWAKE BAZAAR was launched in Palace Grounds to support marketing of products of women entrepreneurs.



  • AWAKE received ISO 9001-2000 accreditation from BVQI
  • AWAKE facilitated the setting up of a similar association of women entrepreneurs at Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.
  • Sub Contract Exchange with a database to support marketing was set up at AWAKE with the support of Ministry of SSI, Govt. of India.
  • AWAKE entered into partnership with European Union (EU) in undertaking a prestigious project EU-India Economic Cross Cultural Program (EUCCP for Trainers Training in trade promotion with partners)