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Ms. Anita, Khanapur, Belgaum – Kannada classes

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Case study of Ms. Anita from Khanapur, Belgaum – Kannada classes

"Choose the job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius.
Khanapur, being near the borders of Maharashtra, has locals from mixed origins.Most of them speak Marathi but the official language followed is Kannada. Children from the Marathi background face a lot of problems as they do not speak the local language. This is when Anita thought that teaching Kannada to these children is a necessity and stepped into the role of a teacher. Coming from a Marathi family herself and her husband being a Marathi lecturer, she is well versed in both the languages. This served as the motivating factor to start her Kannada home tutorial. After taking up the AWAKE EDP training in the year 2013, she got her tutorial registered and obtained license for it as well. While taking classes and spreading news about her tutorial though word of mouth, she desired to take it up on a larger scale. For this purpose, she sent a request to the Kannada Abhivrudhi Pradhikara in Bangalore to help her with her cause. In response, the Government had granted her permission to take classes for three months to a certain number of students and also provided her with a stipend of Rs.15,000 for the same period. She has completed the course successfully and is currently waiting for permission to start another batch. With the stipend and small amounts given by the parents as her only income, she aims at providing better financial support to her husband. Starting the tutorials in her house, she now has an entire room renovated for this purpose. She uses a small room on her terrace and has invested Rs.50,000 to get the walls painted in an didactic manner in the year 2010. She maintains the room well and keeps renovating it from time to time to suit the needs of the kids. With a service motto at heart, Anita has been teaching Kannada to children in the locality for the past ten years.