Affiliations & Networks

Affiliations - Indian Networks

KASSIA - Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association

FKCCI - Federation Of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industries

MSME - Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

DIC - Directorate of Industries & Commerce, Govt. of Karnataka

KSWDC - Karnataka State Women’s Development Corporation

KCTU - Karnataka Council for Technological Upgradation

KVIC - Khadi and Village Industries Commission

DCSSI - Development Commissioner of SSI, Govt. of India

MFPI - Ministry of Food processing industries

NABARD - National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development

SISI - Small Industries Service Institute, Bangalore

VITC - Visvesvaraya Industrial Trade Centre

KSFC - Karnataka State Financial Corporation

DST - Depart of Science and Technology

RBI - Reserve Bank of India

IDBI - Industrial Development Bank of India

NEN - National Entrepreneurship Network

NNEW - National Network of Entrepreneurial Women

NFED - National Foundation of Entrepreneurship Development

ITPO - India Trade Promotion Organisation

NCJD - National Center for Jute Diversification

TECSOK - Technical Consultancy Services Organization of Karnataka

CICOPA - The International Organization of Industrial, Artisanal and Service Producers’ Cooperatives

Agricultural universities

Nationalized Banks

Karnataka State Women’s University, Bijapur

Horticulture Department

Ministry of Textiles

Janapada Loka

Affiliations - International Agencies

ADB - Asian Development Bank

APCTT - Asian Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology

APO - Asian Productivity Organization

CPI - Centre for Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries

CIPE - Centre for International Private Enterprise, USA

FES - Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

GFW - Global Fund for Women

ILO - International Labor Organization

NORAD - Norwegian Agency for Rural Development

SIDA - Swedish International Development Agency, Sweden

TOOL - Technology Transfer Organization, Netherlands

USAID - United State Agency for International Development

WWB - Women’s World Banking, New York.

EDC - Education Development Center

UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization

HP - Hewlett-Packard

ZDH SEQUA, Germany

World Vision